Color problems

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Color problems

Postby karenanna » Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:58 am

I am using Synfig stable 1.2.1 on Osx. I am trying to import a blue png. background file, and trying several different bluetones, but they all show up as white. I have them as the layer furthest back so they are not blocking over anything. I then tried, out of curiousity to make one with two blue tones, and that png showed up as two pink tones. I have tried resetting the colour profile in gamma, but that does nothing. This is what the RGB panel looks like (attached image) but clicking on restore defaults does nothing whatsoever. My other pngs worked absolutely fine but I created the file on another day so I have no idea what has happened since then.
Skjermbilde 2018-04-30 kl. 14.46.34.png


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