Making Synfig easier to use brainstorming

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Re: Making Synfig easier to use brainstorming

Postby giantspacebug » Sun May 10, 2015 5:24 am

Tool presets would be a great thing to add. In inkscape the caligraphy tool has presets that you can save, which really speeds up drawing. If synfig had presets for options for each of the tools that would be great.
Also adding an autogroup option would be good, like the cutout tool has. I spend a lot of time grouping after i draw a layer set. if you draw a region outline and advanced outline at the same time you probably want to group them. Autogrouping is really needed for gradients. Maybe an option for which other layer you apply the gradient to makes sense


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Re: Making Synfig easier to use brainstorming

Postby d.j.a.y » Mon May 11, 2015 3:07 am

giantspacebug wrote:Tool presets would be a great thing to add.

giantspacebug wrote:autogroup option would be good

two thing you can add has feature resquest i think.
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Re: Making Synfig easier to use brainstorming

Postby WPerkins » Mon Jun 22, 2015 2:27 am

I know I'm new here, yet I have tried out Synfig recently to see if it was capable of vector tracing traditional animation keyframes to help create autotweens and coloring, similar to the keyframes are frame by frame animations on a layer underneath a vector layer with points that generate tweening paths, while possible in synfig to draw with pencil etc. current layout is difficult to navigate and create quick draft of frame by frame animation on a lower level then then vector points layer,having a draft timeline that doesn't require clicking animate button to record actions with simple ad frame options would probably help with quick storyboarding etc would help improve animation workflow., plus current act of moving many vector points is very time consuming and I've experienced a couple crashes in the time it takes to do so, one tool I do not even think animestudio possesses is a motion betweening brush or pen, such as one used in Paperman animation by Disney if possible it would simplify some tweening and vector actions making animation process more organic for artist more so than even animestudio.

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custom layer effects

Postby bazza » Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:13 am

I wish an able of effects personalizables that can generate with commandos from the terminal (shell) and generate parameter inside synfig studio.
These could only affect during the render or have a way of previsualización (if these are slow)

similar .inx extension of inkscape

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Re: Making Synfig easier to use brainstorming

Postby Tsurion » Thu May 18, 2017 3:36 pm

Synfig needs some kind of indication of how far along a render is. This could be a progress bar, an indicative movement in the timeline (like Blender), or even just a percentage complete number somewhere. Put it in a pop-up menu, the actual UI, anywhere. Just please do it. :D

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