Bones don't work as expected

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Bones don't work as expected

Postby tdmsUper » Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:33 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm just joining this 2d world, and I'm learning to use Synfig.
Following the manual, I'm now in that lesson, which teaches about Bones:

The problem is: I created the arms, using spline, and as followed by the tutorial, I linked all the vertices of each part into the respective bone. But when I tried to move the bones, the forms are moved in a weird way: It seems the part is rotating in a different center point, detatching from the arm.

I created also, three squares and tried to apply bones as well, but instead of rotating in a different center point, the outline moves as expected, but the region not.

What I did wrong?
The file in Synfig which I'm trying to follow the tutorial
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