Do now about any music Festival???

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Do now about any music Festival???

Postby Aimee » Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:16 am

Hi EVerybody!! I am going to start this thread because next week i am going to have a trip with my mom to USA and we'll see east coast region this time. Everything is just planned as my mom said you know why because on her last birthday i promised her about this tour that i'll come with her and will do whatever she will plan but honestly i am not that much happy i was suggesting her to go with dad but she said no she will go with me know i just want to make my journey a bit adventures Guys do you know any musical event which may held between 23 to 29 th April.
I can do google searches as well but i don't want to get fake results from spam as well some people do this really that makes me annoyed so is there anyone who could help me a bit?


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